Rob & Karima's Testimonial

I was recently informed by members of Trulli Invest, real-estate development firm in Puglia, that the permits for my property renovation were approved.

I now own a home and construction on the property will start in late September. The journey started about 4 years ago when I began following ‘Italy Property Consulting’ on Facebook; in particular, its charismatic owner Nikki Taylor. Once I felt confident that Nikki was “the real thing”, I reached out to her about 2 ½ years ago to help me realize my dream…find and own a home in Italy.

The journey to owning a home was not a straight line. An unknowing, excited potential homeowner could get many unfortunate things happen to them. Not necessarily because of bad characters (although we ran into two of them) but there is just a minefield of unknowns. I truly couldn’t imagine getting to where I am today without Nikki.

Nikki showed my endless opportunities for properties (some land with the option to build, some turnkey and some that needed to be restored). We made some offers; some fell through and I backed away from one after having put a deposit down. During all of this, Nikki helped me navigate away from a not so scrupulous builder and real estate agent. She put me in touch with a fantastic, reputable lawyer who has helped me in countless ways.

Just under 2 years from the start of our relationship, Nikki put me in touch with Trulli Invest about a potential property. Never did I think of purchasing an historic, stone masseria that needs significant restoration. But, Nikki, and the folks from Trulli Invest, helped me see the potential and allure of old becoming young again.

I am not quite there yet…but, I can certainly say that I wouldn’t be where I am without the help and assistance of Nikki. She continuously checks in and provides updates through Zoom calls, WhatsApp texts and voice messages. She is there every step of the way.

Also, She has a lot of fantastic contacts and resources that can help navigate the whole process and keep what could potentially be a very stressful situation to manageable anxiety, .