Alex & Heather's Testimonial

From the moment we met Nikki Taylor through a YouTube interview, we knew we’d stumbled upon not just a property consultant, but a guardian angel for our Italian dream.

Nikki, with her Aussie tenacity and Italian soul, was our ‘Captain Kirk,’ boldly navigating us through the real estate cosmos of Lake Como and eventually leading us to our dream haven in Ceglie Messapica.

From our first Zoom call, her infectious enthusiasm and depth of knowledge assuaged our fears of buying a home sight-unseen during a pandemic. She wasn’t just selling us a property; she was selling us a lifetime of ‘la dolce vita,’ grounded in the realities of Italian home ownership.

What set Nikki apart was her A-team of professionals—each an expert in the Italian market from legal matters to property valuation. In working with Nikki, you’re not just getting her; you’re gaining an army of Italian real estate connoisseurs. This multi-disciplinary approach saved us time, money, and more than a few sleepless nights.

Nikki wasn’t just our property consultant; she was the hero of our Italian adventure, crafting not just a transaction, but a tale of aspiration, struggle, and triumph.