How to Upload Your Image to Submit Your Competition Entry

You’ve written your love note to Italy and it’s now time to submit it. If you’re not sure how to do this, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. You’ll find instructions below for submitting your entry via a computer or smartphone

How to Submit Your Entry Using a Computer

If you are submitting your entry via a desktop or laptop computer, first you will need to take a photo of your note and download this to your computer.

Then, head to the entry form:

You will see you have two options to add your image under ‘Upload The Photo of Your Note’. 

You can either ‘Attach File’ or use the ‘Drag File Here’ feature.

To Attach a File

Click on the ‘Attach File’ icon and you will see a window open which invites you to ‘Select Files to Upload’. If you click on this, you can navigate to the folder where you have stored the image. Alternatively, at this point you could also go to the folder where the image is stored and drag it onto this window. Wait a moment for the image to upload, and then proceed with your entry

To Drag a File

y to upload your image is to use the ‘drag’ feature. Open the folder where you are storing the image and drag the the image from the folder on your computer onto the ‘Drag to upload attachment’ section of the page.

You will see this expands when you drag your image over this section. Wait a moment while this uploads and proceed with your entry.

How to Upload Your Image Via Mobile

To upload your image via your mobile, follow the instructions below. This may vary depending on your device, however the process will be similar.

The easiest way to upload an image from your mobile is to choose the ‘Attach File’ option.

Navigate to where you see the upload button:

Where you see ‘Select Files to Upload’, click on this and you will see a couple of options. Note: depending on your device, you may need to scroll up or down to see this button.

You will then be prompted to go to where you have stored the image on your phone (this will probably be the gallery).

You may also have the option to take the photo of your note from this section.

Choose your note to upload or take an image and wait a moment for the image to upload.

It’s as simple as that! If you have any problems or questions, please Contact Us and we’ll be delighted to help.