A Traditional Town on the Adriatic Coast

About Ostuni

The ancient hilltop town of Ostuni offers a slice of authentic Italian life, whether you visit for a vacation, as a digital nomad or make this your permanent home. Located in the south of Italy, Ostuni offers a wonderful climate, with hot, dry summers and not-too-cold winters.

Just half an hour from Brindisi airport, Ostuni is ideal for short breaks as well as long stays (and is the perfect stop for the travelling digital nomad).

Imagine owning your own place in this charming town, where each cobbled street in the old town offers something new to be discovered. Find tiny bakerys, shops selling artisan made products, street cafes where you can sample the real Italy.

Why Ostuni?

Nikki chose the town of Ostuni for a very strategic reason.


Ostuni is the most desired town in Puglia and Puglia is the most desired region in Italy right now. Ostuni is attracting a huge amount of interest from foreign investors and has become a hot-spot for large multinational brands such as Louis Vuitton and Four Seasons who are opening up accommodation in the region from 2022. 

Ostuni represents an excellent investment from a holiday rental perspective considering its huge demand which is growing consistently each year.  For this reason, Nikki chose this reason to give away a property, knowing that whoever is the winner of this beautiful property will have a little gold mine in their hands as a future investment property. 

Enter the competition now to have the opportunity to win your very own property in this unique Italian town